crafted by photobiz

I have had the good fortune to work as a hair and makeup artist with some of most influential contemporary fashion and fine art photographers. Several years ago, I took an Intro to Digital Photography workshop. The instructor waved his phone in the air and told us not to underestimate the potential of that camera. That got me thinking.

I started documenting some of my hair and makeup work with my iPhone camera. By learning more about that, I discovered an emerging genre of photography, called mobile photography. I also discovered a community of spirited artists who are blurring the lines and bending the rules to create extraordinary images. Mobile photography is defined as that which is captured and processed solely on mobile devices. After taking several workshops with Karen Divine, a distinguished mobile photographer, I have been blending and compositing my own images. 

I began with the idea of shooting fashion and beauty, in the vein of what I've been immersed in, but the muse had other ideas. Mobile photography allows me to gather bits and pieces, colors, textures, elements, feelings, and then repurpose, reimagine them, as well as to document my travels with both straight and composited images. 

I hope to create imagery for clients who need to tell a story and want a whole new way of doing so. Perhaps the work will stand up as art, all on its own. I remain open to the possibilities. Thank you for looking. -Ilise